""It would seem that you have no useful skill or talent whatsoever," he said. "Have you thought of going into teaching?"" -- Terry Pratchett

Poems By Davan Ildethron

Davan was a highly respected bard, with a large following, until he mysteriously disappeared after reciting a rather strange poem (entitled 'The Wonderer') at the millennium ceremony in Lindethon. Here are a few of his works.

The Wonderer

I wonder as I wander,
Oer mountain and stream,
Through forest and valley,
Past rivers that gleam,
A soul that was gracious,
And ever did beam,
Became but a Wonderer,
Locked from his dream.

To wonder is easy,
As easy as I,
Do wander these lands,
With my head in the sky,
The wanderer of old,
Would have wonderered why,
The Wonderer now,
Would be happy to die.

Once was he a prince,
No more can I say,
His rightful ascension,
Did lead him astray,
This wandering wonderer,
Wonders what may,
If the Wonderer wanders,
To freedom one day.

The Death Of Hope

All light has gone, all hope is slain,
The night lives on, its deathly reign,
O'er all that good or ought have been,
The likes of men have never seen,
And never will, for not astray,
The bells of death do chime today.