"No cloud, no squall shall hinder us." -- Zidane, Final Fantasy IX

Dungeons And Dragons Campaign

These pages are about the D&D (3rd edition) campaign that I ran between September 2003 and June 2004. I'm going to be putting up details of the story so far, background details, maps of the setting, and character details. For obvious reasons, I won't be revealing any plot details that the players have yet to discover...


Long ago, wizardry was the basis of society on Ambar. The wizards of old tested their skills to the very limits of their ability, travelling to the very ends of the world in a quest for knowledge. Some travelled too far however, to places deep and treacherous, and there it was that they awoke creatures so terrible as to plunge all of Ambar into darkness and despair...

It is one thousand years since the founding of Lerinor - five nations and five races united under a common leadership. The millennium celebrations are in full swing, due to culminate in a magnificent ceremony in Lindethon (the state capital). There has never before been such a time of peace and prosperity, and it seems that the good times are set to continue. But with rumours of disturbances in the south, and the unfolding of a number of mysterious events, is Lerinor really as secure as it seems?

A group of adventurers embark on a journey of mystery, intrigue and conspiracy, but can they unravel the situation in time to save Lerinor?