"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler." -- Albert Einstein

Poems By Lanther

Lanther was a rather righteous elven bard, who was sometimes foolish and rash in trying to do what he thought was the best thing. On one occasion, he tried to persuade the captor of the party (who had betrayed her Duke and Dukedom), a woman called Erenair, to set them free and join with them, by the power of emotive song. Unfortunately, this didn't work...

Lament For Erenair

Long ago, the world was young,
The tree did grow; the beast did run,
And all the lands were free.
Then men and elves, and dwarves and gnomes,
Did found their kingdoms and their thrones,
To let their people be.

O Erenair, hast thou betrayed thy dukedom fair?
And would the greater good thou seek,
Of mighty ruler into meek,
Just leave the whole world bare?

Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall,
But those with power do enthral,
And some abuse their trust.
But is it right to use such force?
Destroy the world with no remorse?
Reduce free will to dust.

O Erenair, hast thou betrayed thy conscience deep?
And would the anguish thou wouldst wreak,
To carry out thy orders bleak,
Comfort those who weep?

What hope is there to turn the tide?
The duke was slain, the guardians died,
And Nerenor has might.
Yet hope there is, for light prevails,
In every soul the spirit hails
The ending of the night.

O Erenair, canst thou betray the darkness great?
And even if thy mind were free,
Would darkness try to conquer thee,
And never liberate?

O Erenair, the world has reached its time of greatest need.
O Erenair, be strong and act, for thou must take the lead.